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After I got Steam running with the workaround mentioned here, I've got nearly the same problem when launching Team Fortress 2.

After starting it from Steam the "Launcher" pops up and after a few seconds it disappears with the following error in the terminal:

/home/user/Steam/SteamApps/steamuser/Team Fortress 2/hl2_linux: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
Game removed: AppID 440 "Team Fortress 2", ProcID 5299 
saving roaming config store to 'sharedconfig.vdf'
roaming config store 2 saved successfully

Because of the similarity with the workaround I used before, I tried to execute:


directly before launching the game, but there is no difference.

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I found the solution here:

Or, instead of editing the file directly, create a file called local.conf in the subdirectory /etc/ containing just the line /usr/local/lib. That is,

Contents of /etc/


Then run the sudo ldconfig command.

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