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I want to delete the keychain completely (which has only this one password key anyway).

I found a way to reset keychain / keyring in the forums: delete the keychains folder !

I DO have "show hidden files" activated but my ".gnome2" folder only contains 1 folder called "nautilus scripts" which is empty - nothing else in .gnome2.

There is supposed to be the keychains folder in gnome2 but it is not there.

I searched for keychains keyring seahorse etc but no success.

How can I delete the keychain?

  • p.s. the keychains / seahorse window does NOT have any TABs, by the way, it only has the green cross for adding and the search box ! The keychain should be called "default" but its not there... there are many certificates in the box however.
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On 12.10 those are located on ~/.local/share/keyrings

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uuuh thank you for helping a blind man across the street ! – Rob Nov 19 '12 at 22:25
No worries, you helped me fix my answer here:… I hadnt even had noticed if it was not for this :) – Bruno Pereira Nov 19 '12 at 22:30

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