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I just tried downloading ubuntu to my Inspirion mini 10 and was unable to run anything once the system was downloaded. Can someone help me? I'm interested in using Ubuntu because I keep running into message errors and update problems with Windows.

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dont you open a file downloaded or cant download ? – user84277 Nov 19 '12 at 21:18

This is part answer and part question due to being unable to comment. First of all, it sounded like all you have done is downloaded the .iso file so that you can install Ubuntu after downloading it. Downloading the file by itself won't affect Windows, since the iso file does not automatically install. It would be helpful to know what you mean by being "unable to run anything", because the only cause I can think of is your hard drive running out of free space. If you tried installing Ubuntu and it isn't starting up properly, tell us what errors you are getting.

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If your not completing downloads then try another download manager. Perhaps another web browser's like Firefox or Chrome. Or a dedicated one like freedownloadmanager here.

If the .iso is completeing then see:

see here for creating a usb stick for ubuntu install on a netbook.

If the .iso is giving you problems then you could try:

see here for ubuntu windows installer (for installing from within windows) (I assume this will work; never used it myself so not sure.)

Though like the other person said, you could be running out of space. There could be other issues such as a borked Windows install, virus etc.

You'll need one or both of the guides I linked - or other guides of the type to show you how to install ubuntu on a netbook. Just type and search for "how to install ubuntu 12.04 on a netbook".

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