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I want to upload a batch of files to my server periodically preserving the originals only in the server, that is:

  • If I delete the local folder, files are not ereased from the server.
  • If local files are replaced, they are added to remote.
  • It should restore the transfer if the connection is lost during the process.
  • Bonus points if it works in Windows

I thought that rsync and a cron job should do the trick but I happen to have no idea about how to use those (well, ok... I have ONE idea about how to use cron).

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I find grsync a bit easier to use. It is a GUI front-end to rsync. Once you figure out which options are needed / not needed. You can create a command line equivalent and pass it through cron. – user68186 Nov 19 '12 at 17:59
Also see – belacqua Jun 7 '13 at 13:32
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I'd recommend Unison, which can sync between unix and windows. It's built on top of the same technology as rsync, but it is a lot easier to set up:

It supports exclude/include lists, remote or local syncs, no-delete mode, and lots of other common options. It can recover from a partial sync due to bad connection or anything else quite easily.

You can run it interactively or as a batch process using cron.

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