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I've got a few questions targeting Ubuntu and laptops(Ultrabooks):

How is Ubuntu supported on Ultrabooks at moment?

Is it recommended to go for a Ultrabook over a normal laptop considering it has to be kind of good for college and knowing that SSD's are faster than HDD's?

What's better, SSD only or the combination of SSD + HDD?

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using the ultrabook term is not precise enough to describe your specific necessity, since it allows for a really wide range of products, from the cheap to the expensive and bare-boned to the most featureful kind of equipment.

You'd better of asking questions about each feature you're interested in or about a specific model you choose. Try the askubuntu tag filter to sort out whether your question wasn't already answered.

About the SSD decision, it's basically whether you have the money and the care for such a speed up. Particularly I can't care less for a SSD drive, as long as I'm not developing SSD drivers nor running data servers.

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Price differences are falling fast, and having at least the OS/kernel on ssd makes my zenbook as convenient a device as my tablet for quick web lookups and the like. – Drake Clarris Nov 19 '12 at 19:00

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