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everything was great for a couple weeks after the upgrade, and then all of a sudden, the click buttons on my trackpad (as well as any other USB mouse I would hook up) stopped working. The pointer moves fine, but the clicks don't work. Sometimes the left click doesn't work but right click does, and then some times, neither works.

I noticed this would begin when I would accidentally drag some text in a web browser (you know how when you try to move your pointer through the trackpad, but you accidentally tap down and it starts to drag whatever text you've selected on the window), and then you're done. The clicks won't work after that. They would work upon rebooting or logging off and back on, but then after a few minutes of usage, things would go back to being broken again.

It happened a LOT when I was trying to play Scrabble on Facebook.

I've raised a bug for this, but I haven't heard back anything on it. Here's the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1077805

Since the system was unusable this way, I had to remove it and install another OS based on 12.04.

Has anyone else faced this issue or does someone know what to do to fix it? I'd go back to vanilla Ubuntu in a heartbeat if this issue can be fixed.

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