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Can anyone please explain why the password field for personal WPA wifi changed to only accept 63 characters instead of 64 character Hex. There was no problem with this in 12.04 LTS. Surely this isn't a bug? Was there a reason for the change? Please don't mention incompatibility with certain wifi routers as this isn't the problem.

Ubuntu 12.10 will still not accept 64 Hex characters for Personal WPA/WPA2 the input field only allows 63 even for Hex or I wouldn't have posted the question. I used the exact same hex string which I had previously used in Ubtuntu 12.04 LTS. It is 64 Hex characters long but it will not input into the Network Manager.

Additionally The Network Manager in Kubuntu 12.10 accepts my 64 Hex characters. So why won't Ubuntu? Kubuntu 12.10 accepts the hex letters in capital Ubuntu 12.10 does not. I wonder if we can find a way to resolve this?

My next move was to install ubuntu-desktop via the Kubuntu konsole. After a reboot Ubuntu/Unity connects to my wifi automatically. I wonder if Ubuntu/Unity will only accept lower case letters in its hex string for WPA/WPA2 wifi. Why doesnt Ubuntu accept the 64 character hex key using upper case letters along with numbers. This doesnt appear to be the case as I checked the string after reboot and it shows all 64 characters in the "network manager" with the letters in upper case. Why?

(I will do a reinstalation and attempt WPA/WPA2 setup on Ubuntu 12.10 by changing my upper case letters to lower case. This appears to be an interesting difference between the two GUI's indeed).

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See my comments in askubuntu.com/questions/216401/… –  Jean-Marie Nov 19 '12 at 15:20
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