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I read the article here about installing nux and unity to work on development. I followed the steps in the Building Nux section. I added the functions to bashrc and ran remake-autogen-project. This ran without errors. It also says that it installed in the script. I then tried to build unity and it said it was missing the nux requirement of being >=nux4.0.0. What did I do wrong not to have or install nux 4.0.0?


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If you built nux on 12.10, please exec "unity-env" in shell.

Cmake check nux by pkg-config, but nux-4.0 is installed to ~/staging, you needs to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH by "unity-env".

If you done it, pkg-config will display new nux version.

$ pkg-config --modversion nux-4.0
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Thank you so much for that answer. This helped a lot. I was on unity 12.10. – user17953 Nov 25 '12 at 2:35

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