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I have a 80 GB hdd in which Ubuntu is installed alongside windows. I also have a 500 GB hdd having 3 partitions in which i store my data. Actually i mistakenly deleted a folder permanently in one of the partition which is of 381 GB. That folder had all the movies in it and it accounted for almost 200 GB space of that partition. Now i am in great trouble as all my data is lost. Please someone suggest me a simple tool to recover that folder and all the files in it because i am only 13 years old and don't understand Ubuntu much..!!

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Don't use this drive until you were able to recover your files. How did you delete this folder? Did you delete it from Windows or was it from Ubuntu? First thing I would try: see if you can find it in the Trash. Else, can you boot into Windows for recovery? If not you may have to use command line. Would that be o.k? – Takkat Nov 19 '12 at 12:07
yes that woud be o.k. and i deleted this from ubuntu only by pressing the shift+delete key.. – Aditya Nov 19 '12 at 12:30
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There are two command line tools available for Ubuntu to recover deleted files on an NTFS partition:

Just to mention this in case you are uncomfortable with the command line. There is a graphical tool NTFS undelete available for Windows only.

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