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In Thunar I could easily switch between Vista-style graphical location bar and editable textual location bar (which doesn't look so eye-candy but is far more convenient for me). Can I configure this in Nautilus?

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  • If you want to enable location bar for current session then Press Ctrl+L alt text
  • To make it permanent you have to make changes in gconf-editor.Press Alt+F2 and type gconf-editor.
    alt text

  • Navigate to apps nautilus preferences and put a check mark in "always_use_location_entry".
    alt text

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Excellent answer. I have nothing to add, except for +1. – ulidtko Jan 17 '11 at 11:29

note for 11.10 >

"Note that as from Ubuntu 11.10 the setting is no longer in gconf but has moved to dconf. It is necessary to install dconf-tools then run dconf-editor and the setting will be found in org ➜ gnome ➜ nautilus ➜ preferences ➜ always-use-location-entry"

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