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I'm using a Hungarian Apple Alu keyboard. It works well, apart from that the 0 and the í keys are swapped. I read here that it could be re-mapped with an .Xmodmap file in the home folder.

What I don't know is how could I find out the appropriate keycodes to override? Is there maybe some "spy" tool that echoes keys pressed?

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I figured it out:

To get the keycodes to override the command is xmodmap -pke.

And in order to fix the swapped keys you have to insert these two lines in the ~/.Xmodmap file:

keycode 49 = iacute Iacute backslash bar less greater
keycode 94 = 0 section doublelowquotemark rightdoublequotemark notsign notsign grave asciitilde

To apply the settings launch the command

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

And you're done.

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