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I installed Kubuntu, and want to use Dolphin when I try to save a file or open a new file, but firefox always use Nautilus, how can I change this?

I find this question, but it does not work for me: How can I get Firefox to use Dolphin instead of Nautilus?

I can neither download the kmozillahelper package, nor find the filepicker-variable in my firefox.

my Ubuntu: 12.10
my firefox: 16.0.2

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use dolphin to open folder in firefox

When I installed KDE and Firefox this feature actually worked – I downloaded a file, clicked on “open containing folder”, and Dolphin would happily pop with the respective folder open. However, when I installed a few more apps, Firefox started calling Gwent or other app to “open the folder”.


In the file /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache , find “inode/directory” and make “kde4-dolphin.desktop” on first such as:


here the Link:

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