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So what I wanted to do is compress files (using 7zip) and split a 600MB folder into 199MB parts, but sadly when I tried to do this task with archive manager it gave me an error, but I know that if I use terminal it will work.

I looked this up in askubuntu and found out about this command:

7z a -v5m -mx0 ubuntu.7z  

I understand that v5m will split it to 5 mb parts and -mx0 means that it will not compress it, but I want it to compress so what should I write instead of this -mx0?

Please note: I am using 7zip because I most probably will use this file on a Windows pc.

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With MX you can set the level of compression used.

Set it to 9 for maximum compression.

See man 7z for further explanations.

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Thank you for the reply – Levan Nov 19 '12 at 0:23

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