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I've been having some problems with Windows and I've decided to switch to Ubuntu, I downloaded 12.10 from the website and burned it to a disk, but now I run into problems.

As I go through the Install, I noticed it doesn't give me a format my drive option, something other people have had. Also, the install crashes when I select a drive, it shows no drives and the only way to get a "Ubuntu has encountered a problem" error is to press "-" Get an error, and then it moves on to asking for my location, if I pick the "+" or "change" I get error 141 and I have to restart my computer. Right now I'm using the "-" method where it gets to the "Installing" part but it has no bar, it has the rotating circle if I move my mouse, but I've let it sit for 20 minutes and nothing happens. I just want Ubuntu Installed >__<
Another thing is another time I tried to install, I ran into "No root defined" alot. I was using Wubi, but then I uninstalled Wubi from windows, so while not having that dual boot anymore, here I am trying to Install 12.10

What I hope to have is Ubuntu at minimum. Id also like to be able to have a Windows OS on the side but I would appreciate having Ubuntu running.

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