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I'm having a nasty problem with the Sound Menu on my Ubuntu 10.10 Installation. What happens is that the sound control icon is blocked, and I can't control the master volume.
If I try to get to the Sound Preferences I get a little Pop-Up Window saying:

Waiting for Sound System to respond...

Don't know what to do... apart of that, sound works great.

alt text

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I managed to solve the problem myself.

The problem was that, for some reason I don't know or remember, I was not the "owner" of my home folder, and because of that I couldn't kill the pulseaudio process... I realized that when Ubuntu tried to update the .ICEauthority file located in my home folder and had trouble with the permissions.

Running the following command should solve the .ICEauthority and volume control not working for people with the same problem as me:

sudo chown "user":"user" /home/"user"

And thats it! :)

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Your pulseaudio daemon isn't running. Try to do pulseaudio --start from a terminal and see what happens.

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Thanks for the answer. When i run that (I've already tried before), i receive an odd message: "E: core-util.c: Home directory /home/paulo not ours. W: lock-autospawn.c: Cannot access autospawn lock. E: main.c: Failed to acquire autospawn lock" – Paulo Truta Jan 17 '11 at 20:23

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