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I need to get around a regression in the new Kdevelop (4.3.90) which is supposedly fixed in (4.4.1) but I cannot find a ppa (or other repository). I would really rather not compile from source. Does someone have a source for an up to date repo for Kdevelop?

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By the Kubuntu developers:

as per bug 1067611 we are trying to push 4.4.1 into regular 12.10, however first we need to assure that this release is of sufficient quality...

so i tis in a separate part of the official archive called 'proposed'... once it has been verified that the new version works as expected we can move it to from proposed to the regular archive

bug 1067611:

Ubuntu proposed:

enter image description here

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The PPA for kdevelop 4.4.1 are not yet published for 12.10 but you can download the .deb file from here.

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That .deb file gives Dependency is not satisfiable: kdevplatform6-libs (>= 1.4.1) in ubuntu 12.04. – Drew Noakes Jan 17 '13 at 1:23

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