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I was trying to delete some torrents that I had downloaded with transmission-daemon and was unable to from my samba share on windows due to transmission's default file creation permissions.

I figured the best solution was to sudo chmod -R 0777 /media/Storage (my drive with samba) but apparently not.

This locked both my windows user and my user on my ubuntu server out of the drive completely, with a message saying ls: cannot access /media/Storage: Permission denied.

I am able to login as root with sudo bash and make changes however I am uncertain as to how to make my drive accessible again.

Doing a ls -ld on the directory shows drwsrwsrwx 39 root root 4096 Nov 17 21:20 /media/Storage.

I have also done a: sudo chown -R [username]:[group] /media/Storage and a sudo chmod -R u+rw /media/Storage. Both commands executed without errors but had no good effect.

I am running ubuntu-server 12.10 so no GUI available. Any ideas?

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You have the SetUID and SetGID bits set, which are causing things to be owned root.root, and otherwise making you have a Bad Day.

sudo chmod -R u-s,g-s /media/Storage should fix you up.

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