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Lately my home wireless network has been acting very strange under Ubuntu 12.04. When I'm on the wireless menu at the top of the screen and I try to connect to my wireless it will give me a total of 11 options for which of my networks I want to choose.

For example "TheJoebocops WiFi"

"TheJoebocops WiFi 1"

"TheJoebocops WiFi 2"

All the way down to "TheJoebocops WiFi 10"

Then when I'm connected to on of the 11 the connection only lasts for about two minutes before downloads stop and I cant refresh the page.

It used to work fine and it still does on the guest account, my BT5 partition and every other device in the house, but for its just stopped! All help will be appreciated

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I would say this is rather your Wireless having a problem and not Ubuntu –  Farid Nov 18 '12 at 14:08

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