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From 12.04 I changed to win 8 consumer preview and now i want to go to 12.10, however i cant seem get past the Ubuntu loadingscreen( with the dots going from white to yellow etc.) it has taken more then an hour now and all my DVD drive does is speed up and slow down every 3 seconds.

So i tried it again, but nothing changed im stuck on the same spot.

what could cause this problem? And even better, how do i solve it?


Tryed to install 12.04 from a live cd a had lying around work like a charm. And i found out my LAN port doen't function so there is no internet connection, could this be part of the problem? tryed to instal 12.10 once more and it again stopped in the loading screen.

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The DVD may be corrupted. Try downloading a new version or getting a new DVD. Can you boot ubuntu 12.10 live from the DVD you are trying to install it with? –  user109126 Nov 19 '12 at 4:40

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