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Crontab runs my script but file that are fetched are of 0 kb and when i am running my script scheduled by own i.e ./ $1 $2

its running and files are also fetched Please suggest me why this is hapeening...

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It's probably something on line 13. – Ed Manet Nov 18 '12 at 5:26

Usually when a script runs properly if run manually, but fails when run from cron by the same user, the problem is a full path not being specified in the script. Your PATH variable for an interactive login session is MUCH bigger than the one your cron job is running under; so where, for example, rsync $source $target might work fine from the command line, when run from cron you should specify the full path: /usr/bin/rsync $source $target instead.

If this isn't helpful, please post back with more detail about what your script is actually doing, and what specific results you're getting.

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Hi,m geeting wht u wnt to say but i have already specified full path in crontab: eg. /user/bin/ abc .Actually in my script inside for loop for every node process of fetching data is running in Bg, but wen it running as cronjob it capturing 0 kb file but wen m running as ./ abs it running fy9..m usuing /Ksh shell in script...pls help me out – user108904 Nov 19 '12 at 4:53

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