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I had ubuntu 11.10 installed and I was upgrading it to Ubuntu 12.04.1. While upgrading my computer got shut down due to heating issues. Afterwards its not starting up and gets stuck at a black screen. I can use ctrl+alt+f1 to go to command line. But I dont know how to resolve this issue from there. It shows me a message the ubuntu release 12.04.1 is available and run the command "do-release-upgrade" to upgrade to it. But when I run this command, it errors out saying "no new release found". Can anyone suggest what to do ?

Thanks !

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3 Answers

Try to force any dangling package to install and then rerun the whole process again. That is.

  1. sudo apt-get -f install

  2. sudo apt-get update

  3. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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Well, just add -d at the end of your command, like this:

do-release-upgrade -d
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One option is to try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop.

Otherwise try installing 12.04.1 from a liveUSB or live DVD over your current installation.

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