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I'm trying to extract the strings from this file:

Which is the command for it?

This not works:

user@desktop:~/Desktop$ xgettext -k_ -kN_ -o messages.pot *.ui
xgettext: warning: file `add.ui' extension `ui' is unknown; will try C
add.ui:192: warning: unterminated character constant
add.ui:483: warning: unterminated character constant
add.ui:750: warning: unterminated character constant

Thanks in advance! :)

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You need to tell xgettext that your file is a Glade file:

 xgettext -k_ -kN_ -L Glade -o messages.pot *.ui
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Thanks Florian :) But that command isn't get all strings, all drop items are missing. As example: Allow|Deny|Reject|Limit drop. – costales Nov 17 '12 at 12:03
Seems xgettext doesn't support Glade3 files yet. Change into the po/ folder and run intltool-update -p -g messages.pot. Note that the project uses gui-ufw.pot instead of messages.pot so you may want to use that file, too. – Florian Diesch Nov 17 '12 at 14:02

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