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Yesterday, Nov 15, 2012, I booted into my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS system. It has resided on a Crucial 128 GB SSD with about 90% free space since early summer. I also have Windows 7 loaded on another Crucial 256 GB SSD. Ubuntu has set up a dual boot system for me even though each OS has its own SSD. I have been using this setup without problems since summer. Yesterday, when the boot process finished, my Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000 did not work and there was a message that Ubuntu was not connected to the internet. So w/o the mouse I was forced to turn the machine off manually. About 4 days ago Ubuntu worked fine and booting into Win 7 also works fine. I have a backup machine with the same style mouse on it so I swapped the mouse onto this system. Same results. But both mice work when booting into Win 7. Today I removed both SSDs and installed my Ubuntu 12.04 HD which has not been used since I moved Ubuntu to the SSD from it. Same results. Between the last time I used Ubuntu 12.04 on the SSD and when I tried to use it again I made no changes to my machine, either hardware or software.

My machines specs are:

AMD FX-6100, MSI 990FXA-GD65 AM3+ format with latest BIOS (Ver 19.9), Corsair Vengeance 1866 MHz memory - 16 GB (4GB X 4 sticks), MSI N580GTX video card (nVidia 306.97 drivers), Sony Bravia 32" HD TV as a monitor, Pioneer BluRay DVD-RW,
DSL connection to internet thru a router (10 mps), Crucial 128 GB SSD (90% free space), Microsoft Comfort Mouse 3000

I try to maintain current BIOS and drivers for all devices.

I mostly use my Ubuntu system for programming in GCC and OpenCOBOL, surfing the internet and e-mailing. No games are installed.

I'm stumped!

If anyone has experienced this same problem I'd appreciate knowing how you solved it.

TIA, Dave

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