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I have a VPS running Ubuntu 12.04 Server. Apticron sends out daily emails when there are updates available. I want to change this to weekly.

I looked at the configuration options in /etc/apticron/apticron.conf, but that does not list an option to set a different interval for sending the reminder emails. I also can't see a relevant cronjob to modify.

Can I change the apticron email interval?

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In order to change this, you must:

  1. Delete the daily cronjob (if it exists)
  2. Edit /etc/cron.d/apticron settings,


    30 * * * * root if test -x /usr/sbin/apticron; then /usr/sbin/apticron --cron; else true; fi


    30 11 * * 0 root if test -x /usr/sbin/apticron; then /usr/sbin/apticron --cron; else true; fi

This has a good walkthrough, and this explains cron options well.

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