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I am hosting a gaming site and once in a while the server automatically creates a screenshot in the servers folder. Unfortunatly it is NOT configurable in the server settings where it puts these screenshots, it just allways dumps the PNG file in the server config folder.

My folder structure is for example as follows:


now, what I would like to achieve is that once the server creates a screenshot in 1 of these server folders (I have multiple), the operating system moves the screenshot IMMEDIATLY (which is ALLWAYS a *.png file) to the webserver folder, for example:


So that players can see the screenshot on the website.

Anyone any idea on how I can tackle this problem the smartest way? Please note that my ideal situation would be if the PNG file is moved immediatly after creation.

Thanks for your help.


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You should look into the incron daemon. Similar to cron, but is triggered by file/directory changes. Should be available as a package for most distros.

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