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Possible Duplicate:
What is the correct way to install ATI Catalyst Video Drivers (fglrx)?

I recently installed ATI Drivers from the Ubuntu repository but after the installation when I try to open ATI Catalyst Control Center. I get a message that ATI Drivers are not properly installed or there is a problem with the hardware.

Similar problem was faced by a friend of mine. On his laptop Mint worked smoothly but the drivers for ATI were not installed correctly .

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There is a really good community wiki on this which should help you on this site here

Ask Ubuntu ATI Community Wiki

Ubuntu also have an easy to follow guide here

Ubuntu Community Wiki

To start with you will have to purge the installation you have of all the ATI information by doing the following command:

sudo apt-get remove --purge fglrx-updates fglrx-amdcccle-updates

This will clean out any crudd that is left over/obsolete and then you can follow either of the guides above.

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