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For several years I have been downloading credit card statements as pdf files. I then print them, before inputting the info to gnucash. I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 yesterday. Now if I try to print one of these files, in most instances a quantity prefaced by a $-sign is messed up. What happens, is the $-sign overwrites the first digit of the number.

I tried to report this as a bug, but it seems to be nearly impossible to report a bug if the application has not crashed.

Has anyone else noticed this bug? If so, do you know if it has been reported?

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I am experiencing the same issue - couldn't see it in the evince bug list but have asked a question on Launchpad, see:

I am currently getting around the problem by first printing to .ps or .svg file and then printing again from there, although the margins are smaller by default.

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