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So I was wondering if anyone out there knew a way to do something like the following

1. Mount ISO/DVD on Host
2. share through a USB connection: Making the client think the USB connection is a native CD-ROM drive.

I know this can be done through a network (Not that I know how to do that) But I will ask that question separately, as to not confuse Google Searches.

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It may be possible somehow, I know some small form factor pc/tablets have a mini-usb port for accessing files from another PC, and There are these devices in existence… , some new android/tablet devices are using USB-OTG which lets the device be either master or slave. I suspect it is only a matter of time... – Mateo Nov 16 '12 at 18:51
It is possible if 1) the USB host adapter of the computer offering the virtual drive can operate in client mode (depends mostly on the available driver) and 2) you can find (or write) software that emulates an optical USB drive. There are kernel modules that provide a framework to emulate arbitrary USB client devices. – David Foerster Mar 7 at 12:06

Afaik, you need hardware that supports USB OtG at least in "device" mode.

Most Android phones are designed to show their USB port as "mass storage" to a PC (nowadays it is more used with MTP protocol anyway, but the hardware is still there), and you can do what you need with an app called DriveDroid.

Such hardware is able to emulate ethernet (it is used for USB tethering, for example), and other things like a cd, a ethernet modem, and other stuff that is mostly used by 3g-4g usb dongles (modems). The kernel feature that allows this is called "usb gadget"

Also look for Gateworks wiki page for "USB_OTG"

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No. USB is a master/slave protocol therefore you can not connect two masters ( PCs ) together. This is why the connectors are different.

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So, theres not even a "Usb slave" mode/pci card/etc.. – TardisGuy Nov 16 '12 at 8:12
@TardisGuy, nope... closest thing is a laplink cable, but you have to use their software to transfer files. – psusi Nov 16 '12 at 15:36

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