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I am currently running a persistent live session of Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, installed on a 4GB flash drive. I own a Creative Labs X-Fi HD usb audio device, which I desire to use with my installation. Previously on Windows, I was able to simply plug the usb cable from the device into my laptop (HP dv6) and it would automatically switch to the device. However, when I plug the device in under Ubuntu, it shows up in sound settings as an audio output and also as an audio input

The problem is, I cannot select the item to make it the output device, even though I can click on it (I also pressed "Enter" while it is highlighted). If I'm not doing something incredibly stupid, I think it's a driver problem. Within Alsamixer, it appears as an output and input device.

The only part of X-Fi that works is the volume knob; turning the volume knob on the device changes the volume in Ubuntu. Also, when headphones are used with the device, moving the in-line volume control of the headphones produces a crackling sound.

However: When running Audacity, I am perfectly able to select the X-Fi as the output device, and it plays through the X-Fi flawlessly.

Why does Ubuntu refuse to play system audio through the X-Fi, or allow me to select it as the output device?

Is this a mere software bug? Faulty hardware? Missing proprietary drivers?

Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated :)

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