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I tryied to set the JAVA_HOME environmet variable in the ~/.profile file and I made a mistake


the error is in the PATH referencing. I put PATH rather than $PATH. this prevents me from login.

I tried to edit the file using the recovery mode but it says that the file system is read only. so any suggestions how to deal with this issue.


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Log in as another user that can sudo, or failing that start back up in resuce more, then before you edit the file remount the partition read write

mount / -o remount -w should work just fine.

Take a look at this question for more information on remounting.

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Also X doesn't run .profile (I think) and you can start another shell via ssh or use sftp to rename/edit the file is ssh is enabled. – coteyr Nov 15 '12 at 23:58
I see the following as safer and hopefuly without a typo as above: mount DEVICE -t FSTYPE -o remount -rw MOUNT_POINT (whith DEVICE = e.g. /dev/sdb2 and FSTYPE = e.g. ext4). Does its job on my Debian Wheezy (when forgetting the t FSTYPE would give a mount: / not mounted or bad option). – lliseil May 6 at 17:59

Boot a live CD, mount the partition and edit the file (use sudo if you have to -- no password required).

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