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I have recently set up a computer (using Precise), and want to import data I have saved from another Ubuntu (Maverick). These data include a gnome keyring, which I (rather stupidly) copied the encrypted files instead of exporting.

What I did > cp -R ~/.gnome2/keyring /backup/gnome2_keyring

Given that I still know the session passwords I used for the corresponding user account on old Maverick computer, what can I do to recover/import passwords ?

As this is a home user question, and has to be done only once, I am not concerned with security problems: I'll wipe my free space afterwards and that will be enough.

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since this question is answered at superuser, i think you should mark this as solved. And your question helped me as well. – Richard Apr 9 '13 at 12:50
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I have asked the same question on superUser:

In short, the answer is: for a recent enough version of seahorse, just copying the directory will work

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