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On Ubuntu 12.10 64bit I additionally installed kubuntu-desktop. I installed dropbox in Unity to use it there with nautilus. In Kde this is not the wanted behavior so I installed the dropboxd - Daemon and enabled it to autostart in KDE. But the nautilus-dropbox applet is always started in addition to the daemon.

How can I make sure that there is ONLY the dropboxd running and NOT the nautilus-dropbox when I use KDE and When using Gnome I llike to use nautilus-dropbox?

plz note that there is no setting for nautilus-dropbox in KDE autostart applications!

Maybe there is a way to install two versions and make sure only the right one is started with each desktop environment?

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This is from a quick Google search and is a bit old, but covers how to install Dropbox and get it working w/o all the dependencies and the notifier running. Might still work for you.

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Right click in the applet, Preferences/General and disable Start Dropbox on system startup.

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First of all I don't have the option and secondly I still get an applet in KDE and it still calls nautilus. Could you be more specific? – piedro Nov 21 '12 at 20:18
And how do I have the applet in Gnome/Unity if I disable it? – piedro Nov 21 '12 at 20:19

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