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In my office we have gcc-4.5.1, with that version my c++ project works fine. If I compile the same project at home with Ubuntu 12.04 with gcc-4.6, I have lot of errors and I couldn't compile at all. I spent some time on the Internet to build the gcc from sources but the installation had lot of issues and the build is broken.

I am looking for a way to downgrade my gcc version to 4.5.1.

If someone can also give a step by step way of compiling gcc from sources would be appreciated.

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Try installing the gcc-4.5-base package:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-4.5-base

You might need to install a specific version of that package. Check the package change log.

To install the last 4.5.1 update try:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-4.5-base=4.5.1-12

(note that 4.5.1-12 was marked as experimental in the change log. This is just an example!)

For more info on installing old versions of packages with apt take a look at:

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