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Possible Duplicate:
How can I install Ubuntu without removing Windows?

So firstly I tried to install Ubuntu, from the website to run alongside Windows. Went through Wubi etc. Asked me if I wanted to try or Install, I selected install. I selected option to run alongside Windows 7 but when it was partitioning it failed and I only had the fresh install as an option as probably Windows became corrupt then?

So I installed Windows again, ran Ubuntu from the livecd, went into gpartition, didn't really know what I was doing but anyhow, resized a partition which was 698gb, one was 100mb, I guessed CD drive. Gparted said it was gonna take three hours, so I took that for meaning Windows was corrupt again.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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You can find out the steps in the Ubuntu Documentation site. It has the steps to follow, along with some extra information you should keep in mind; for instance, it is a lot better to install Windows first, then Ubuntu.

Also, if you need to resize your Windows partition, make sure to defragment the drive in Windows first -- this will improve your results. You may also want to resize your Windows partition using Windows first. You can find more about that in this How To Geek article.

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