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I successfully installed the "Gotham" Conky on my 12.04 desktop using these instructions

It works perfectly, positioned in the top-right side of my desktop, and I am happy every day of the week except "Wednesday". Because of the length of the word "Wednesday", unfortunately the "y" trunctates off the screen (to the right).

I would like to reposition the conky, (preferablably keep it Top-Right) but nudge it to the left so the "y" is visible on the screen.

Any "how to" instructions will be gratefully received.

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Open the conkyrc file, go to the bottom look for gap_y change it. – Uri Herrera Nov 15 '12 at 17:15
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In the .conkyrc the alignment on the screen is is set to top_left:

alignment top_left
gap_x 60
gap_y 300

Simply change the alignment to top_right instead of increasing the gap_y variable:

alignment top_right
gap_x 60
gap_y 60

config file settings

alignment Aligned position on screen, may be top_left, top_right, top_middle, bottom_left, bottom_right, bottom_middle, middle_left, middle_middle, middle_right, or none (also can be abreviated as tl, tr, tm, bl, br, bm, ml, mm, mr). See also gap_x and gap_y.

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