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After a power failure, on re-starting UBUNTU linix, get message: "gdm server auth dir (daemon/ServAuthDir) is set to /var/lib/gdm but it dosen't exist". the directory IS there, but it doesn't start volume manager properly, complains HALD is not running and stops at a single command line. I have been trying to find out how to fix this for many months. can long-in as single user and startx , but no volumes apart from hard disks are found. Familiar with UNIX but not as good on LINIX. any help would be appreciated.

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After months of not knowing how to fix this I looked at the web-page:

which gave a lot of advice, and I had already set chmod 755 for the directory /var/lib/gdm... and associated files.

(use: ls -lsa to list all the files starting .(dot) ).

I looked through the notes to try various things, but starting the gnome ONCE from a bash as root.

sudo gdm start 

seems to mean it is now always started at each boot.

So that seems to have fixed it. (There are quite a few other websites requesting a solution, this seems to make the files needed) and it creates file .gdminfo which I think it was looking for.

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