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I have so many images more than 100 in a folder such as:


I want to rename all of them at once with ascending order numbers such as:


How can I do it using Ubuntu 10.04? Is there any terminal command to do it.

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I'm not sure how you want them numbered, but the following Perl script should do it (haven't tested it out, but should probably work):

    rename $_,($n++).".jpg";
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Try the following in terminal:

 find . -name '*.jpg'| awk 'BEGIN{ i=0 } { printf "mv %s %d.jpg\n", $0, i++ }'| bash
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Pure bash solution (bash version of o_o's perl script):

n=1; for f in ./*.jpg; do mv "$f" $n.jpg; n=$((n+1)); done
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