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I just bought the new Humble Bundle, and I want to play the games on Ubuntu, but whenever I click on "Download with Ubuntu" the software center comes up on the page of the game, but whenever I click on the buy button it comes up with this message: Unable to load page

Problem occurred while loading the URL Cannot resolve proxy hostname ()

And so I can't buy the games. Could someone please help me? Thank you for reading, ~Joel

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This seems a problem with Firefox integration with Software Center. I also have come across it many times. Yesterday, while using an accounting software-"Manager", same message was appeared as it also uses browser integration.

It worked for me when I copied the URL "http://......." and pasted in Firefox’s address bar, hence further process will happen in Firefox's window. But I am not sure if it works with Ubuntu Payment service. You can try with any application with 'zero' price, if it works, then I suggest to proceed for transaction.

Problem occurred in Ubuntu 12.04

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