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I have used sakis3g to connect to internet as network manager is not able to make a connection although it recognizes the modem.But the problem is many software including pidgin and software center doesn't know that computer is already connected to internet and I am having problems installing software especially the debs I downloaded. Although I can still download and install packages from terminal.

So is there any way I can make software center recognize this connection?


can I install debs in some other alternative way?

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Ubuntu software center depend on the network manager to detect online status.So If you are connecting to internet without network-manager ,you have to quit it,

Open theterminal and type sudo stop network-manager

It solves the problem

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You can expand your answer to explain how or why this resolves the Ops question. Also your solution may have a broader impact that prevents other capabilities on their machine. You may wish to point these out. – stephenmyall Nov 15 '12 at 11:58

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