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I installed Ubuntu 11.04 Natty and I set a partition for swap about 900 MB. Afterthat, I installed Kubuntu 12.10 Quantal, repartitioned my hard disk so I had 2048 MB swap (replaced 900 MB swap partition).

I ran Kubuntu, and it's ok. But after I ran Ubuntu 11.04 Natty, It didn't use that swap. But I can activate it with Gparted.

Some additional information. When I installed Kubuntu Quantal. I make 256 MB partition (ext4 mount point in /boot) which replaced previous 256 MB partition (ext4 mount point in /boot) that I created when I installed Natty.

Something wrong with my configuration?.

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Try running sudo swapon -a
If it your swap partition doesn't start, then you'll have to add it to your fstab. There will probably be an old entry for a SWAP partition, you can go ahead and comment that out and use it as a template for your new entry.

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