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What happens when you open a .docx document that is written in a font not available on your computer?

How can you find the name of original font?

I guess writer select automatically an other font. I tried to open a document written in Japanese. Writer shows the fond Droid Sans, and all the characters except number and Roman letters appear as squares. After changing to Droid Sans Japanese a few boxes are still left. I guess I have to install the original font on my computer, but I do not know the name of the font.

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Well, to find the font, one of these options might work. However, I've never tried them, and I don't know how they'd work with a non-English font.

Edit: Using one of these Japanese-based word processing programs may work better.

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I have found the TestFonts extension useful for this sort of thing. It works fine in LibreOffice.

It can take several minutes to run depending on the document and the computer, but other than that it works very well.

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