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Is there a .deb file, repo, PPA, or anything to install CrashPlan other than the non-standard install.sh file? I have fish as my shell, and I had to mess around a lot and finally use chsh first before the install script would even work. I don't want to have to jump through all these hoops every time there's an upgrade.

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According to CrashPlan:

auto-updates to the latest version. You DO NOT need to download it again once it's installed.

If you are running 2.6.13 Series Kernel or greater 1GHZ+ x86-64 CPU, 1GB+ memory, 250MB+ free drive space, Oracle (Sun) Java version 1.6+, Glibc 2.4+, GTK, Xorg then it will work for you.

CrashPlan automatically starts up after installation and prompts you to create a new account. Enter the information and click Create Account. CrashPlan will send backup reports and notifications to the email address you enter.

Important detail: You need to start the install script with this command in order to avoid error messages:

sudo ./install.sh

This is pretty straight-forward. Read the 'read me and install information' for the install instructions.

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