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The last year, probably longer, I have been dealing with increasing stability issues that seem related to some graphics subsystem and that I can not find a clear solution to.

The problems have gotten worse over the years, are most prominent in Gnome 3 and Unity, a bit less so in KDE 4 and even less so on XFCE. Some of the problems are (non-exhaustive):

  • Fullscreen video only works intermittently and mostly not. This is most pronounced with Totem but occurs with Dragon Player, MPlayer, VLC, etc etc.
  • Maximizing Console windows (gnome-terminal) has a significant (say 5-6 seconds) delay
  • Chrome starts heavily glitching after using it for a while

There are more smaller artifacts and I have tried researching each of them in isolation and/or combination, have ended up on epic questions and comment threads where all sorts of issues are debated in the compositing/nvidia/xorg/whatever realm. None of the approaches has been successfull for me so far.

I have reached a point where I am considering that perhaps I may be suffering from a poorly supported graphics card and the increasing use of the GPU in Linux in recent years may be making this more prominent. I have a very recent mainboard/CPU/RAM combo but have been dragging along my NVIDIA Geforce 6600 GT for a while now. Wikipedia lists it as being released in 2004, which in GPU terms is probably paleolithic.

Before I spend a not insignificant amount of money on say an NVIDIA GTX 660 I was wondering if someone can offer some insight on whether this strategy has any chance of success or whether I would be better off trying something else?

I know this question is very broad and vague and without knowing my exacty symptoms/problems it is almost impossible to answer, but perhaps having certain generations of old(er) video cards is a known problem in the Ubuntu community.

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did you try in another os ? –  user84277 Nov 14 '12 at 14:41
Not recently. I have no Windows install available, or did you mean another Linux distro? –  Boris Terzic Nov 14 '12 at 14:51
Indeed this question is very broad and vague. It is likely to elicit various opinions, discussions and debates without any definitive answer. IMHO this question is not appropriate here. may be a better fit. –  user68186 Nov 14 '12 at 14:52
@BorisTerzic hardware isnt free . you should try every os . if you find a os what working fine . when we will understand that problem is software. –  user84277 Nov 14 '12 at 14:58
windows , fedore , opensuse etc –  user84277 Nov 14 '12 at 14:59

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I was exactly at this point you are.and definitely had all these thing in mind.. suffered alot.I don't want to turn this thread to a confabulation but its good to share my experiences as a NVidia user whom passed all this way and reached a point near salvation! all in all my graphic functioning is now something almost satisfactory.

You need many searches and resolve many troubles but at least it worth to try. and surely you will learn many things and get experienced this way

buying another graphic card is not a bad choice but remains as an option for those want to make things easy..if you decided to just use of Ubuntu and don't have time to make it usable then shops are always calling you.

Good luck and be sure theres people never leave you alone.feel free to ask your detailed troubles and questions

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