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I've installed software to our administration machine. The problem is that i cannot start the software or uninstall it, as it is not in any directory on the machine. I tried to install it at /pack/CST/... but it is not there and a locate on CST or cst returns nothing. The software is installed from a DVD and not a repository.

I've tried to reboot the machine, as i thought i might had something to do with the software being loaded in some sort of tmpfs but that didn't help.

I've looked through the entire /etc to check for any relations to the software, but unsuccessfully.

I'm out of ideas, to what can cause this problem, anyone got any ideas??

EDIT: I downloaded the iso wich i mounted with:

sudo mount -o loop /path/to/iso.iso /path/to/mountpoint
sudo /path/to/mountpoint/

Ran the install GUI via an X-session. I choose to install the software in /pack/CST/... but when it exited it said that the software had been installed to /tmp/... There was nothing in tmp, so i decided to reboot the machine and did a full find to see if there was anything left of the software, removed what looked like it could be related. It had placed a script in all the /etc/rs* folder which I removed with:

sudo update-rc.d -f scriptname -r

I rebooted the machine again, just to be sure. When i run the installer again, it tells me that the software is installed in NULL and i have to remove before installing it.

/pack/ is a mountpoint for /q/system/pack

What i expected was that the software would be installed in /pack/CST, but it seems to be lock in the system, but I am unable to locate where.

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how did you install it? please describe the exact steps. (I doubt you installed it to my administration machine ;) ). How did you try to install it to "/q/CST"? What is "/q/CST" (is it mounted, is it a special volume, what is there now). AKA: please provide more information, especially the actual steps you took, what you expected, why you expect that, what is now different from what you expected, etc. – Nanne Nov 14 '12 at 12:33
There you go. I've edited the OP. Ohh, it is on your machine, I'm that good :-P Hope this is enough information. – ChosSimbaOne Nov 14 '12 at 12:58
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The problem appeared to be known by the software developer. After gaining access to their support forum, i found this thread.

The problem is that the installer stores a hidden file ".com.zerog.registry.xml" in /var/.

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