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I am using 12.04 ubuntu,i want to play EA SPORT CRICKET(TM)2011 on my loptop. please tell me step by step process. Thankyou.

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I would use PlayOnLinux. You can install it using the Software Center. It is kind of hard to give step by step instructions since I don't own the game but PlayOnLinux has an easy assistant.

For starters: Klick Install. In the following menu you can select predefined profiles. Sadly there is none for your game so you have to do it manually. Klick Install a non-listed program in the lower left corner. Just follow the assistant. You want to create a new virtual drive. At some point it will ask you for the installer. Just enter your game disk (or whatever you have) an select the .exe file that will install the game.

There is no guarantee that your game will work on Ubuntu but this is the easiest way to try.

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