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I'm learning network and transportation model. I' d like to plot graph in xy coordinate from the following data:

enter image description here

I am familiar with R and LaTeX, but I don't know is there any easy to learn and easy to control software in Ubuntu that can help me plot xy graph in xy coordinate.


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If you want simple, you should probably just put your data into LibreOffice Calc and have it draw a plot.

If you want something you can customise more and script for repeated use, there are many choices, but since you say you know R this would be the obvious choice. Some others might be python+matplotlib, octave, gnuplot, etc...

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You have grace (xmgrace) and gnuplot which are common software.

xmgrace has got a graphical interface whereas gnuplot is a prompt where you enter some commands.

I think xmgrace (grace is the package name) is easier than gnuplot because of the graphical interface. The only drawback of xmgrace is that you cannot plot 3D graph.

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