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I tried many different ways to get my printer to work:

  • I tried using a generic Model for the printer, since it is not supported by ubuntu yet.
  • I tried using a model that is close to the one I have.
  • I tried downloading the official .rpm package and repack it as a .deb package and install it (Not sure if that actually worked).
  • I tried to run the script provided here and that seems to have worked for others but not for me.

What I have now is this: My printer is recognized with the right name, Make and Model. When I send data to the printer it changes from 'Idle' to 'Processing' and then just flags the job as done, even though it didn't do a thing.

I have no idea how to repair the mess I created. If anyone has an idea, I would really appreciate it.

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I have had exactly the same problems as you describe (on a 64-bit Ubuntu) but with the LBP7200Cdn printer. Today I (coincidentally) found a new(er) version of the Canon CAPT drivers (2.56), including a precompiled 64-bit debian archive here.

After trying this version, with exactly the same (official Ubuntu) steps as I tried many times before, it worked instantly! So maybe this will solve your (similar) problems as well!

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