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Something weird happened today, and I dont know how. Within a folder, all folders have a file by the same name, with a colon appended to it. And all the files from the most inner-most directory in my home, have been dumped to ~, with a size of 0 bytes.

alt text

alt text
alt text

I have not executed any scripts or anything. I was just checking out some easter eggs, namely the gegls from outer space and free the fish and was away from the computer and was logged because of the screensaver. I couldnt log-back in with my password, so I just reset the PC, and while booting, the PC went into a drive check. BUT, IIRC, i saw the duplicate "folder files" before I had logged out, so thats not the reason! All the files have a timestamp of 14 Jan. Also, the contents of my eclipse folder have been dumped into ~. Right down to the jars and ini files.


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You can delete all files ending with : with this command:

find -name *: | xargs rm

You should execute find -name *: first to check what will be removed.

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@theTuxRacer I wouldn't do that just yet as it will deter users who actually have a solution. Remember that you can always set a bounty. – hexafraction Oct 12 '12 at 19:22

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