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Is there a way to display multiple subtitles at the same time? It would help a lot while learning a new language. I have some *.mkv movie with two embedded subtitles, how would I turn them both on, so that one will be on the bottom and another one on the top? Or at least a fast switch with immediate text update without rewinding back would be nice.

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Another tool to merge subtitles is DualSub ( It works with SRT subtitles for input and output. It has many options for customization. In addition you can use it to translate subtitles to any language.

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+1 for open source and GPL – philshem May 21 '14 at 10:18

I spent a few days googling about this topic. The short answer is that there is no way to play two subtitle tracks in a *.mkv file simultaneously, in Ubuntu.

There are, however:

The best you can do with your .mkv files is to extract one subtitle from .mkv file and put it in a separate subtitle file, so that you can take advantage of the vlc extension.

Alternatively you can consider KMplayer for Microsoft Windows. I never tried it, because I don't have a Windows, but apparently it is what always comes out top if you google for dual subtitle players.

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Combine subtitles

Most video players do not have the ability to play two concurrent sets of subtitles at once. But luckily it is easy enough to combine two subtitles into one file online. At select the Spanish subtitle file you downloaded in step one, and add it as the top subtitle, and the English subtitle file as the bottom.

for further help go to the link below.

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