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I use the command

avconv -y -i input_file -acodec pcm_s24le -r 24 -ar 48000 output_file

to extract audio from videos. With Ubuntu 10.04 the command run succesfully, but with Ubuntu 12.04 I receive the error

Incompatible sample format 's16' for codec 'pcm_s24le', auto-selecting format 's32'

How can I solve?

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pcm_s24le has a bit depth of 24; it appears that your input audio has a bit depth of 16. Use pcm_s16le instead.

That said, using raw pcm audio (presumably in a .wav container) is way overkill, in terms of file size, unless you're doing waveform editing. Using

avconv input.file -vn -c:a copy output.file

would probably get you the best results. You gain nothing (well, nothing relevant to a modern computer) from converting the audio to pcm.

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